As our district 3 city councilman, Chris Burnett is passionate about preserving our quality of life!

Chris Burnett

If you would like to read in more detail about Chris Burnett's positions while he ran for City Council, please see the Candidate Questionaire put together by theSandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods and League of Women Voters.


Solve our congestion and reduce cut-through traffic that clogs local streets!

- Each day, over 100,000 people drive to Sandy Springs to work.  Congestion is our most challenging problem and it requires long-term, creative vision mixed with practical solutions for today.  Under Chris' leadership, the city is currently conducting traffic studies all across District 3 to identify ways to reduce congestion and improve safety.  With over $100 million in TSPLOST funds coming to Sandy Springs over the next five years, Chris' keen knowledge of financial management makes him a strong resource to assure that TSPLOST dollars are efficiently and effectively invested in our road systems.  Chris is pushing for better-timed traffic lights, more active policing of cut-through neighborhoods, heavier fines for drivers violating neighborhood "no turn" restrictions, more sidewalks and safe bike lanes. He also understands that to truly improve our traffic, we must reduce the number of cars that come and go from Cobb County and he is an advocate for greater public transportaion options from east Cobb and the construction of a new I-285 interchange on the Cobb side of the river to divert Cobb traffic away from your neighborhood streets.

Neighborhood Preservation and Trees

Preserve the beauty of our great neighborhoods by strengthening our land use plans and zoning ordinances!  

- Sandy Springs’ greatest strength is our beautiful trees and our phenomenal neighborhoods.  Some older neighborhoods are being sub-divided and mass-graded and where one home once stood, multiple houses now replace it, thus stressing storm water systems and tree canopies.  First as a citizen volunteer, then as our Councilman, Chris successfully supported the creation of the City's Next10 Plan, which now designates more than 62% of Sandy Springs' land area as "Protected Neighborhoods", thus eliminating the ability to be rezone these neighborhoods to a higher density.  With the Next10 Plan now in place, Chris will assure that the city is disciplined in adhering to its codes and parameters so that our neighborhoods, green spaces areas, trees and streams continue to thrive for decades to come.

Walkability, Bike-ability, and Greenspace

Create safe modes of transporation for our walkers and bikers!

- Sandy Springs has built miles of sidewalks, but we need more!  In District 3, areas like Riverside Drive, Mount Vernon, Heards Ferry and Brandon Mill need additional sidewalks to link them to adjacent neighborhoods, City Springs, the Abernathy Greenway and Lost Corners Park. Studies show that people walking on sidewalks slows or even reduces adjacent traffic.  Safe bike lanes are also a must.  During Chris' service on the Sandy Springs Conservancy Board, projects like the Great Park at Morgan Falls, Abernathy Greenway and Lost Corners were conceived, and the new City Springs Green, opening in the summer of 2018, will be a tremendous gathering place for our community.   As our councilman, Chris has successfully pushed for the creaton of the new Abernathy Greenway South park, which breaks ground this fall and he is committed to additional park projects for Allen Road and for the Old Riverside park on the Chattahoochee River in the coming years.  

Sound Fiscal Management

Exercise strong fiscal management that accomplishes our projects while controlling property taxes!

- Sandy Springs is headquarters to some of America's largest companies and is also home to many strong local businesses, both of which strengthen our economy and provide career opportunities for our citizens.  Our commercial centers provide valuable corporate  revenues that support the fiscal health of our city while keeping home property taxes well below Atlanta's.  Chris is highly qualified and deeply dedicated to assuring that our city maintains a healthy balance between sound financial discipline and the infrastructure investments like quality roads, a vibrant downtown district, side-walks, bike lanes and parks, all of which are crucial in making Sandy Springs a fantastic place to live, work and play!

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