1st Term Accomplishments


I have slowed the pace and improved the quality of development by:

  • Implementing more stringent building standards for new construction 
  • Underwriting new zoning codes to protect single-family neighborhoods
  • Supporting the 2017 zoning moratorium
  • Helping neighborhoods to reduce the density of future adjacent developments

Since my election, NO new apartment zonings has been approved by City Council. 



I am tacking the tough issues of traffic by: 

  • Conducting traffic studies in several corridors including Hammond Dr., Mount Vernon Hwy. and in various neighborhoods where cut-through traffic is prevalent
  • Uniting Cobb and Sandy Springs businesses to shorten work hours on Braves game days
  • Closely reviewing T-SPLOST improvement options to assure the greatest positive impact on reducing congestion and improving safety 


Since my election, the city's focus on transportation has been further escalated and I will not rest until results are achieved.Sound Fiscal Management

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